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The cheapest and most expensive streets of all Budapest districts

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

We present the list of the cheapest and most expensive streets in Budapest - according to housing prices - in a comprehensive article . Following a similar method, we looked at the cheapest and most expensive public areas of all districts, and the price differences between them.

Budapest city

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A significant part of Budapest's districts is not homogeneous at all from the point of view of the housing market. We can see very large differences within the district, both according to the type of properties and their age and condition. In addition to the single-family zone, there are housing estates, while in other places, modern, newly built condominiums can also be found among the old apartment buildings. All of this has a strong impact on housing prices in the district, but these differences are not apparent from the district averages.

most expensive streets of all Budapest districts, While the price difference between the cheapest and most expensive districts of Budapest is barely more than double, we see price differences of more than ten times at the street level. Of course, the majority of the most expensive streets are located in the most expensive districts, just as the cheapest streets are mostly in the cheapest districts, but as we have already pointed out, there can be big differences within a district as well.

Budapest districts price average graph

Differences within the district

While the average price per square meter in the V. district was around HUF 1.5 million last year, the cheapest in the XX., XXI. and XXIII not depicted due to the lack of data. in the district, the average price per square meter did not even reach HUF 600,000. In comparison, it exceeded HUF 2.5 million in the most expensive street, while it remained below HUF 250,000 in the cheapest.

budapest district prices

Below we show which were the cheapest and most expensive public spaces in each district in 2021. Due to data protection reasons, the list only includes those streets where at least three sales and purchases took place in a year. The data comes from the recently published  Real Estate Database, Hungarian Housing Prices, 2005-2021  publication of the KSH.

It is clear that the price differences between the streets are the largest in those districts where there is an exceptionally expensive part of the district. The I., the II. and the V. district all have apartments on the most expensive streets with prices well over HUF 2 million per square meter, while in certain streets apartments could be found for less than HUF 800,000 during the period under review.

In the cheaper districts, however, there are not many streets that protrude upwards, in almost half of the districts there are no streets where the price per square meter reaches HUF 1 million. It is particularly interesting that there are five districts where the price of the most expensive street does not even reach the HUF 798,000 price level of the cheapest street in District V. These are in descending order XX, XV, XVIII, XXI. and XXIII. districts, and XXIII. districts, in the latter in 2021 it did not even reach HUF 600,000 for the average square meter of the most expensive street.



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