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About Empire Real Estate

About Empire Budapest
Design & renovation Budapest

The company specializes in meeting all the needs of our international investors for their property investment in Budapest, for the foreign investor, who does not live in Budapest, and cannot or does not want to deal with all the issues related to his investment, we have established a professional and comprehensive system that includes a variety of real estate services that meet all needs. 

Includes a unique method for locating assets according to exact parameters that match the nature of the investment, whether it is for personal needs, short or long term investment...

Property management
the company specializes in managing various properties, from private apartments to residential buildings and hospitality, we have the teams and experience to manage all issues such as dealing with authorities, permits, payments and expenses, collection and transfer of rents, maintenance and cleaning.

Renting the properties

once the property is ready, and it is intended for investment, our rental system is one of the best in the market, regardless of whether it is a long-term or a short-term rent we have the teams that will work for you, and maximize the return on your investment.

Apartments for rent Budapest

Interior design and renovations

The company has extensive experience in renovation and construction, from the plans, approvals, architecture to construction and furniture up to the key level, the whole process is in cooperation with the customers to make sure they get what they expect and even more.

Real Estate Lawyer Budapest

Lawyer and accountant service

In order to make sure that the investments are made in an orderly manner and according to the law, we give access to our specialized professionals, such as a business lawyer and an accountant in the field of real estate, which gives our valued customers peace of mind that they have everything under one roof, All services are at fair and transparent prices.

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