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The Hungarian Golden Visa

Hungary is among the most desirable EU countries to re-located, high quality lifestyle and affordable living cost, compare to the neighbor countries such Germany and Austria.

Increasing economy, friendly environment and endless opportunities makes Hungary very attractive for  immigration investment destination.
Let us show you why Hungary become one of the top choices for the last 4 years.

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Why choosing us?

Empire BP Real Estate exclusive temporary resident permit investment service for foreign investors in Hungary offers you the opportunity to become a Residence of the EU, and to secure your family future.
Empire BP Real Estate is a leading company with well-known reputation in Budapest property market, we manage over 300 properties, renovated over 150 properties (currently 12 properties under-construction), we support over 100 families with their resident permit.

We offer a full and comprehensive service:

  • Property agency

  • Legal & Taxation assistance

  • Design & Renovation

  • Property management

  • Property rental (short- & long-term options)

  • Resident permit investment

Many foreigners seeking to improve their family quality of life and become a EU resident, and by far the real estate is the most attractive investment channel for your EU resident permit:

Hungary Resident Property investment advantage:

  • Full ownership property

  • Low value property investment size requirements

  • Between the highest property price growth worldwide – 15.5% annually

  • Between the highest rental yields worldwide – 70-12% annually

How does the Temporary Resident Permit investment works?


1. Purchase your preferable property in Budapest.

          2. Fill up, send and sign the necessary documentation required by the local authorities.

                   3. Processing time of 60-90 days required by the local authorities.

                            4. Collect your approved resident permit.


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Who can apply for HU temporary resident permit investment?

Anyone who can prove he has good intentions and financial capabilities to live reasonable lives and maintain local law in Hungary.

How much cost the process?

The total fees for the process for the immigration lawyer depends on the type of investment.

What included in this fee?

This amount cover all the lawyer service fee, government offices fees and the total costs for the process

Which family member are included in this fee?

The property registered owners, and their children under 18 years old.

Who guarantee that I will receive the resident permit?

Only the authorities can decide whose resident permit will be approve based on their qualifications and policies, but thanks to the valuable knowledge of Empire BP immigration lawyer which build up over many years and many clients.

We have the abilities and the right connections to assure you a successful and secure process to get your desirable EU resident permit.

If the process fail, would I get the money back?

Part of the full security we provides our clients,  the money will be refunded to the client  in case and the residency was rejected, the money will be return in full to the client from the law firm, only deducting the local authorities fees. 

How about children?

In case of a 18+ child, need to be process separately and been approved by the local authorities (need to provide some education certification), in this case extra service fee will be applied.

What are the advantages having Hungarian Residency?

Hungary is important member of the European Union, is the main gate from eastern Europe and Western Europe, in addition to that, Hungary is part of the Schengen area, and has a residence of Hungary you get free access to all EU countries without a Visa and can live, travel and enter in the Schengen area without passport check-in.


On top Budapest is one to the fastest growing economies in EU, many Asian choose to relocate to the city.

Budapest offers a good quality living for a family.

Budapest hotel view, fishermen bastion

How long the residency last?

The residency permit valid for 10 years, the permit can be extended before its expires.

What is the minimum property investment value for the resident permit?

The minimum investment value required is €500,000.

When I need to purchase the property?

Before you apply for the residency, you should own the property, after your are officially own the property, we can start the process

Can i purchase on a company name?

No, in order to apply for residency permit, the property must be registered on the personal names of the applicant. 

Which type of property should purchase?

Residential properties, shops, buildings, hotels, villas, houses.  

Can I work in the rest of the EU countries?

No, the Hungarian Resident permit allow you to work only in Hungary, to work in other EU countries you will be require to apply for a working visa in the local authorities, but as a EU resident, you will have better chance to receive it.

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How to get Hungarian Passport?

To receive an Hungarian passport , after the first 3 years with the temporary resident permit, the resident will need to stay minimum 180 days a year for minimum in the next 3 years in Hungary or any EU country and than he can apply for for a permanent residency and right after to apply for a Hungarian passport.

What is the property purchasing process?

After we locate your property of choice, we our real estate lawyer will prepare the purchase agreement, in the signing stage, you will need to pay 20% deposit, right after, the lawyer will add your name on the property title deed  as warning note until the authorities will approve the your right to own the property, the process can take up to 60 days. When the you get the approval, you cant pay the balance for the purchasing price.

What if I didn’t received the approval to purchase the property?

Dealing with hundreds of transaction in the past 7 years we never had an issue with the approval for a property purchasing, if done right, everyone get the approval.

Do I have to live in my property?

No, you only need to own it, you can rent it as long or short term,Empire BP can do it for you as part of our property management services, based on our experience, if you buy the investment property we advise you, we can achieve 4.5-6%  on long term rentals, and 7-12% on a short-term rental

When can I sell the property after I got the residency?

You can sell the property whenever you wish, but you should keep the fund in Hungary or purchase/invest in a local property or a business.

After you become a permanent resident, you are not obligate to hold the property.

Which documents needed for the process?

  • Bank statement for the last 6 months, and show the account has 62mil HUF (175,000 USD), the statement need to be with apostille from the ministry of foreign affairs.

  • Passport copy of all the applicants.

  • Birth certificate of all applicants.

  • Marriage certificate of the parents / investors (if any).

I need to live in Hungary to keep my residency?

No, but by the law, a residence need to stay 180 days a year in any EU country to maintain the permit.

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