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This Is The Most Beautiful Christmas Market In Europe

Budapest Christmas Market

The Advent Feast at the Basilica in Budapest, Hungary, has been selected as the most beautiful

Christmas market in Europe. It was also named the Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Market.

The title of "The Most Beautiful Christmas Market In Europe" 2020, voted by thousands of travelers from around the world, has been awarded this year to The Advent Feast at the Basilica in Budapest, a city that was also awarded the title of Best European Destination.

The prize was announced on Tuesday, December 10, by the European Best Destinations (EBD) organization and was the result of a record number of votes from travelers: With a total of more than 289,714 votes from 116 countries for all the entries, the Advent Feast at the Basilica broke the previous winner’s record with 39,448 votes. (The previous record set in 2018 was 38,830 votes for the Christmas markets of Zagreb).

With Budapest at the top, these are the 20 Best Christmas Markets in Europe for 2020: 2. Vienna (Austria) 3. Gdansk (Poland) 4. Brussels (Belgium) 5. Montbeliard (France) 6. Basel (Switzerland) 7. Metz (France) 8. Cluj Napoca (Romania) 9. Valkenburg (Netherlands) 10. Novi Sad (Serbia) 11. Trier (Germany) 12. Prague (Czech Republic) 13. Govone (Italy) 14. Winchester (U.K.) 15. Amiens (France) 16. Rothenburg (Germany) 17. Cologne (Germany) 18. Leipzig (Germany) 19. Bratislava (Slovakia) 20. Bath (U.K.).

Vienna, Austria:

Vienna, Austria Christmas market

Taking second place with 31,811 votes, Vienna was voted among the three best Christmas markets in Europe

Gdansk, Poland:

Gdansk Christmas market

With 30,178 votes, Gdansk took third place

The EBD promotes culture and tourism in Europe in partnership with the EDEN Network created by the European Commission.

“Located in the heart of Budapest, on St. Stephan's Square, this Christmas market will immerse you in the magic of Christmas,” EBD notes. “Long regarded by travelers as the most beautiful Christmas market in Hungary, it also attracts visitors from all over the world who come to experience a moment of pure magic in a warm and cozy atmosphere.”

The Advent Feast at the Basilica brings together all the ingredients of a Christmas market that is traditional and modern, authentic and magical — and a real family meeting place prepared in the smallest detail for everyone to have a wonderful time.

EBD also announced the 24 “must-see” Christmas Markets that were competing for the prestigious title of Best Christmas Market in Europe: Amiens, Bath, Basel, Bratislava, Brussels, Budapest, Cluj-Napoca, Cologne, Erfurt, Gdansk, Govone, Leipzig, Metz, Montbeliard, Nottingham, Novi Sad, Prague, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Tallinn, Trier, Valkenburg, Vienna, Vilnius and Winchester.

Brussels, Belgium:

Brussels Christmas market

With 27,843 votes, Brussels was voted as the fourth best Christmas market in Europe.

Montbeliard, France:

Montbeliard Christmas market

In fifth place with 25,696 votes: Montbeliard in France.

Here are more results from EBD to help you with your travel decisions:

Nine new and beautiful — if less-known — Christmas markets were selected this year: Valkenburg in the Netherlands, Bath in England, Govone in Italy, Trier in Germany, Novi Sad in Serbia, Nottingham in the U.K., Bratislava in Slovakia, Winchester in the U.K. and Vilnius in Lithuania.

• Gdansk, Valkenburg, Novi Sad, Govone and Winchester are the most popular new Christmas markets among travelers.

• Slovenians, Croatians and Italians voted the Govone Christmas market as their favorite in Europe.

• Metz, Amiens and Montbéliard (ranked as one of the Christmas markets with the most beautiful Christmas lights in Europe) are the best Christmas markets in France.

• Basel is the favorite Christmas market for Swiss, Germans and Norwegians.

• With its incredible Christmas tree, Vilnius is ranked first of the most beautiful Christmas trees in Europe, followed by Prague, Strasbourg and Cologne.

• Vienna is the best Christmas market in Europe for travelers from 37 countries. The city is also ranked among the safest destinations in Europe.

Basel, Switzerland:

Basel Christmas market

In sixth with 22,044 votes, Basel was voted among the 10 best Christmas markets in Europe.

Metz, France:

Metz Christmas market

Metz in France took the seventh spot with 15,885 votes.

Novi Sad, Serbia:

Novi Sad Christmas market

Novi Sad in Serbia was voted among the 10 best Christmas markets in Europe.

Source: Forbes

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