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Jokai square

District 6, Budapest

Vegye fel a kapcsolatot az ügynökkel








AIRBNB opportunity in the city center.
For sale in the heart of Budapest, on Jókai Square, located between Andrássy Avenue and Oktogon, a freshly renovated property converted into 2 separate apartments.
Move-in ready! Airbnb opportunity!
With the two apartments and standing galleries, the total gross area is 83.4 sqm (69 sqm + 8.2 sqm + 6.2 sqm).
With separate entrances, they function as individual apartments.

If you want to live in the heart of the city or are looking for an excellent location for a profitable investment property, then you've found it!

Apartment 1: 38.7 sqm + 8.2 sqm standing gallery, totaling 46.9 sqm
Apartment 2: 31.7 sqm + 6.2 sqm standing gallery, totaling 37 sqm

The property is located next to Andrássy Avenue, in the recently renovated Jókai Square, on the 2nd floor of a building built around 1980 with an elevator.
Thanks to the 3.9-meter ceiling height, standing galleries have been created in both apartments, allowing the spaces to be well utilized without taking space away from the bedrooms.
The larger apartment features an industrial style, while the smaller one has a more modern design.
Apartment 1 has a floor area of ​​38 sqm, consisting of a large living room, which is 28 sqm, plus an 8.2 sqm standing gallery that comfortably accommodates a double bed. The kitchen, bathroom, and toilet are in separate rooms.
Apartment 2 has a floor area of ​​31 sqm, with an open kitchen and living area, also equipped with a standing gallery of 6.25 sqm, and a bathroom with a toilet and a built-in shower.

On the title deed, the apartment is 69 sqm, but in reality, it consists of 2 separate apartments with 2 separate entrances, plus a total of 14 sqm of standing galleries (2 pieces), totaling 83 sqm.

The kitchen cabinets and galleries are custom-made, and the tiles and sanitary ware are also of high quality.
Heating is provided by a combination boiler, and additional electric underfloor heating has been installed.
The apartment faces the inner courtyard, providing a quiet and peaceful environment. The building also has an elevator for easy access to the property.

Several Airbnb apartments operate in the building.

Don't miss this unique opportunity.

The area is popular among tourists and young people, and it is just a few steps away from Andrássy Avenue, Oktogon, Nagymező Street, or you can also easily reach Deák Ferenc Square.

The two apartments can be used separately or combined. Currently, they are completely separated, but if desired, they can be connected with a door.





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Newly renovated Airbnb apartment for sale in district 6, Budapest center



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