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Is real estate in Hungary worth it?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Brief market analysis and the most popular areas for investment and learn how is the real estate in Hungary worth it

Is real estate in Hungary worth it? Hungary has become a popular travel destination in recent years. Every year several million tourists explore the capital of the country Budapest or enjoy the idyll of the region around Lake Balaton, Europe's largest inland lake and world-famous bathing resorts.

Tradition, hospitality, numerous thermal baths, exciting sights, a wide range of leisure activities and an attractive infrastructure characterize Hungary - not only as a holiday destination. Interest in Hungary is also increasing among discerning real estate buyers, which is currently reflected in the real estate market. Hungary convinces with a wide variety of properties, so that they meet the most diverse requirements. From a luxurious holiday home to an exclusive residence, there is a suitable property for every taste. What should well-off investors pay attention to and where is an investment really worthwhile?

Table of contents

  • Real estate in Hungary: overview of the market situation

  • For whom is real estate in Hungary suitable?

  • Real estate in Budapest

  • Real estate at Lake Balaton

  • Real estate in Hévíz

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Real estate in Hungary: overview of the market situation

Heading #1: For whom is real estate in Hungary suitable?

Budapest real estate

On the one hand, real estate in Hungary is an attractive investment in a holiday home with the option of a later retirement and, on the other hand, it is suitable as a first home for those who want to go abroad permanently, be it because of dissatisfaction with the political situation in their own country or because they are looking for a sun-kissed place for relaxed remote working. In addition, holiday homes or holiday apartments are ideal for renting out and creating a reliable source of income. Basically, Hungary offers interesting options for every age group and price range. Nevertheless, one should take a little more assets in Hungary and invest in a high-quality property.

Heading #2: Real estate in Budapest

Real estate in Budapest
Real estate in Budapest

The cultural and economic center of Hungary is in the capital, Budapest. It is the most visited city and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. No wonder, because it can hardly be surpassed when it comes to impressive architectural masterpieces such as the Buda Citadel or the Royal Palace.

Equally world-famous is the Hungarian cuisine with its numerous specialties that reflect the enjoyable life in Budapest. Overall, the quality of life in Budapest is high. The expansion of a comprehensive infrastructure in recent years has played its part.

In addition, the economic metropolis offers access to numerous universities and is the headquarters of international corporations. Property buyers in Budapest can choose from 23 districts. From renovated old buildings to modern new villas, you can find a large selection of different properties in these. The location on the Buda bank is particularly popular. Foreign investors are in high demand for property in Districts 5 through 9 and 13.

Heading #3: Real estate at Lake Balaton

Real estate at Lake Balaton
Real estate at Lake Balaton

With a length of 75 km, Lake Balaton or Lake Balaton is the largest inland lake in Central Europe. On the northern shore it borders on the Bakony Mountains.

The Balaton is valued worldwide as one of the most beautiful bathing lakes and is the perfect starting point for active holidays. The diverse landscapes such as the vineyards, the extensive leisure opportunities and the gastronomy invite you to relax, discover and explore. Demand from prospective real estate buyers is focused, among other things, on the town of Keszthely, which is the economic and cultural center of the Balaton region.

Of course, exclusive houses directly on the waterfront are also in demand. Those who value privacy will find what they are looking for in the surrounding area. Many sophisticated properties with large plots of land are located here in secluded locations.

Heading #4: Real estate in Hévíz

The health resort of Hévíz is one of the most important in Europe. The thermal lake found here is the second largest warm water lake in the world and the largest in Europe. Its water temperature is 36 degrees. The mud is used for healing purposes and is said to have a positive effect on numerous ailments.

Real estate in Hévíz

Hévíz presents itself as a cozy seaside resort with lush nature, a lively center and excellent connections. Anyone who wants to do something good for themselves in old age is spot on with a retirement home in Hévíz.

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