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Investment Properties
in Budapest Center

Apartments for sale from €80,000

Average annual rental yields of 7.5% 

With strategic methods short-term rental properties, And by experience in the field and proven results, we locate properties by meticulous parameters we achieve proven returns of 7-12%

Average annual property price growth of 17% in the last 5 years

Hungary has the highest house price growth in Europe, In the last 7 years, Hungary has seen bigger price rises than any other country in the EU.

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Budapest city apartments

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Kiraly St.

District 7, Budapest

58m2 + 20m2 gallery

1 bedroom + 1 gallery

1 bathroom 

Price: €224,000

Dob St.

District 7, Budapest

26m2 + 10m2 gallery

1 bedroom

1 bathroom 

Price: €114,000

Oktober 6 St.

District 5, Budapest


1 bedroom

1 bathroom 

Price: €157,000




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